Alzforum Features Findings Reported in Science Advances by Pearl Lie and Colleagues in the Nixon Lab

The Alzforum website recently highlighted research by the Nixon Lab in an article titled, “Presenilin Mutations Stall Endosomal Transport, Swell Axons.” The news story posted on May 5, is based on the recent study led by Pearl Lie, Axonal transport of late endosomes and amphisomes is selectively modulated by local Ca efflux and disrupted by PSEN1 loss of function,” published in Science Advances. Two written comments commending the research appeared on the Alzforum site the same day. Grace Stutzman, of Rosalind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School commented that “This study stands out as a needed piece in the cell biology puzzle of AD.” The second comment by Hagit Eldar-Finkelman, of Tel Aviv University, posted that “an important aspect of this work is its broad implications to neurodegenerative disorders, linking acidification failure in the lysosome pathway with axonal dystrophy.”