Lisgaras on Epilepsy Sparks Podcast and Speaks at EAEEG Virtual Conference

New York – Dr. Christos Lisgaras, a research scientist and post-doctoral fellow from the Scharfman Lab at the CDR was recently interviewed for the Epilepsy Sparks podcast by Torie Robinson, an epilepsy advocate in the UK who speaks widely about epilepsy and mental health. In the interview that appeared on February 3rd and can be accessed on YouTube, Lisgaras talks about his epilepsy research, sharing results data, his passion for helping other young people develop their careers in the field of epileptology, and communicating effectively with a person with epilepsy. He also spoke of his recent discoveries linking epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. On February 12, Lisgaras virtually presented at the Eastern Association of Electroencephalographers (EAEEG) conference. His talk, titled “Robust chronic convulsive seizures, high-frequency oscillations, and human seizure onset patterns in an intrahippocampal kainic acid model in mice,” is also the title of a recently published open-access paper co-authored with Dr. Helen Scharfman. The paper appears in the January 26 online edition of Neurobiology of Disease.