Nature Neuroscience Cover Article Features Significant Research

Nature Neuroscience Cover Article Features Significant Research by Ju-Hyun Lee and Nixon Lab Members

A new paper titled, “Faulty autolysosome acidification in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models induces autophagic build-up of Aβ in neurons, yielding senile plaques,” published in Nature Neuroscience by lead investigator Ju-Hyun Lee, Center for Dementia Research Director Ralph Nixon, and colleagues presents the latest evidence from the Nixon Lab challenging the prevailing theory of how Alzheimer’s disease originates. This cutting-edge research suggests that Alzheimer’s disease develops due to lysosomal dysfunction within cells, causing waste buildup which is a precursor to the extracellular amyloid plaques characteristic of Alzheimer’s. The paper, which is featured on the cover of the June issue of Nature Neuroscience, is also highlighted in an Alzforum piece titled, “Behold PANTHOS, a Toxic Wreath of Perinuclear Aβ That Kills Neurons,” which has received numerous comments.  Besides Lee and Nixon, other CDR and NKI study investigators involved in this research are Dun-Sheng Yang, Chris Goulbourne, Eunju Im, Philip Stavrides, Ann Pensalfini, Cynthia Bleiwas, Martin Berg, Chunfeng Huo, James Peddy, Monika Pawlik, Efrat Levy, and Mala Rao.