R56 Grant Awarded Dr. Paul M. Mathews and Dr. Stephen D. Ginsberg of the CDR

New York – Two accomplished researchers from the Center for Dementia Research, Dr. Paul M. Mathews and Dr. Stephen D. Ginsberg, were awarded a National Institute of Aging R56 grant. The grant was awarded for the research in “Pathogenic consequences of altered insulin signaling in the diabetic brain.” The goal of this research is to investigate why diabetes increases a person’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease during aging. Drs. Mathews and Ginsberg’s research will focus on how changes in insulin levels in the diabetic patient predispose these individuals to Alzheimer’s disease, examining changes that occur in neurons when insulin is poorly regulated. Additionally, they are determining whether a family of FDA-approved drugs can be repurposed to reduce insulin-driven disruption in the diabetic brain, providing a clinical approach that may reduce Alzheimer’s disease-risk and cognitive decline in diabetic individuals.