Ralph Nixon Publishes a New Review on Lysosomes

New York – Dr. Ralph Nixon, Director of the CDR, recently published an article titled, “The aging lysosome: An essential catalyst for late-onset neurodegenerative,” in the May 13, 2020 edition of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Proteins and Proteomics.  Dr. Nixon discusses how he and his researchers in the Nixon Lab are considering the impact of cellular aging on lysosomes and how the changes during aging may create the tipping point for disease emergence in major late-age onset neurodegenerative disorders. “This is the result of the additional cellular roles played by intraluminal pH in sensing nutrient and stress and modulating cellular signaling which have further expanded the possible ways that lysosomal pH dysregulation in aging and disease can disrupt neuronal function,” according to Dr. Nixon.